About (Us)

About (Us)

We are a trio that loves to travel and on the cheap. We are based out of South Carolina and have been traveling since 2015. Our first trip started after a spur of the moment excitement from Kristin. One day she brought both of us passport applications and told us we were leaving the country in two months.


So, our first trip out of the south was to Costa Rica. It seemed well developed and easy enough for us to get around and explore. The reviews that we read online made it seem that the majority of residents spoke English. Awesome. After a 7-hour flight delay we arrived on the verge of darkness and we're shocked. We could hardly make it to the small family hotel we were staying at. This trip opened our eyes to so much that we didn't even know existed.

We created this website to help you guys see all of the stuff that there is to do in the world without having to spend globs of cash, and to show everyone all of the fun and exciting hidden things to do in this world. This isn’t a solo trip/wanna get lost in the woods/stay in a hostel every night (although we have!) kind of blog. We understand that some of you guys have obligations and cannot go exploring 300+ days a year.

That's where we come in.


Hello! So I’m the one who started this blog. I’m the driver, hockey fan, destination guide, and the one that forces the other two to take last minute random trips around the world.  After 20 years of never leaving the surrounding areas of South Carolina, I knew that I had to go somewhere, see something. I took my first real trip outside of the south to Maine after I graduated. It was AMAZING and I was hooked. There was so much to see and explore that was different from the world I knew.



Hey! I'm the one that they call the "speed hiker", the designated backseat driver, in charge of pee breaks, and the one that is learning to surf. I love outdoor sports and love meeting all of the wonderful people on our travels! Aside from all of the fun trips that we have planned, the alternative is to sit and home in my pajamas, watch Netflix, and never leave the couch. I first started traveling with Kristin and Sabrina when they took me to Chicago and loved the big city life!



Hey you guys! So, I'm the navigator and common sense of the group, as neither of the other two could hardly give you any decent directions or follow directions themselves. I love traveling with these two and would not change what we do for the world. I have traveled here and there in the past but have never made it a full time priority until I met Kristin and Ashley! Unlike the other two and their adventure for 'extreme' sports, I love biking! Please if anyone knows any decent rides or marathons let me know!